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Yukon Moose

Two years ago, Nicole was able to harvest a huge Alaskan bull moose in the Yukon with Ceaser Lake Outfitters, but this year it was Pat’s turn, and he was determined to do it with his Mathews. As the leaves started to change, we headed up to catch the peak of the rut. Also along on the trip was long-time friend Brooks Rollings, on his first moose hunt.


When we landed on the remote strip out in the middle of nowhere, I immediately realized that we were in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We hopped in the boat and had about a 20 minute ride down river to our camp for the week. We stayed with a man, named Robert Stitt, at his old trapping cabin along the bank of the river. Robert is a true old school traditional trapper. He lives out here 6 months out of the year, and had plenty of stories to keep us entertained while in camp. It is pretty cool to know that we still have people like this in the world. It was a pleasure getting to know Robert and definitely enjoyed his stories and knowledge shared around the table after the hunt. Robert was also going to be Brooks’ guide for the week.


The first morning we woke up to snow falling. It couldn’t have been more beautiful.



Everything was white and snow covered. We loaded up the boat and headed up river.


The first day, we saw 26 different moose! Lots of good bulls, but just not the ones that we were after, and it was only the first day!7_7

As the day was ending, we did have an encounter with a GIANT bull. He was across the river from us. We started to call and here he came! The massive bull crossed the river and climbed the bank to our side. He made it to within 20 yards but it was just too thick to get a shot. All we could do is watch as the bull circled us and finally got down wind and blew out of there. So close! What an unreal start to the hunt! We couldn’t wait to get up the next day and get after them!


On the second day, Brooks and guide Robert spotted a big bull on the bank and got up ahead of him. Robert started to call and here the big guy came. He stopped in the timber at 25 yards and Brooks arrowed him perfect.

Brooks 1

Brooks with his first moose! Congratulations Brooks, awesome bull!


We hunted hard the next couple days in hopes of finding that big bull again or maybe another one of that caliber. This time of year, the big bulls are really cruising, covering lots of ground in search of cows in heat so it was just a matter of time.


It was the third evening when we came around the corner, and there stood on the bank, the bull of Pat’s dreams. We immediately went around the corner and climbed up the steep bank into the dark timber. Our guide Josh let out one cow call, and the bull charged towards us. Grunting the whole way, you could just see the epic sway of his antlers coming through the trees. He stopped behind some trees at 20 yards and we had a standoff for what seemed like forever. Finally, the bull turned broadside and walked out into the open at 15 yards….. Pat smoked him! The bull took off, and we couldn’t believe what had just happened. This bull was a monster!

pat moose 1 with Mossy Oak hat

When we walked up to the bull, none of us could believe how awesome this moose actually was. He had points everywhere, a drop tine, and paddles that flared backwards like an airplane. This was the biggest bull that Josh has ever guided.

pat and josh 1_1

The huge bull is 60″ wide, and scores 232 SCI and will be number 5 All-Time with a bow!


What an incredible animal!


Outdoor Edge time!




Now that is a backstrap!



With a few days left to hunt, I actually got the chance to get in front of the camera and the opportunity to harvest my first ever moose! What an experience! I cannot explain to you in words the adrenaline rush, and the feeling that you get when you walk up to an animal that is so enormous and so impressive. I was speechless. I can’t thank Pat and Nicole enough for the opportunity of a lifetime! Definitely one that I will remember forever!

Bryan 1


Nothing like ending the day under the Northern lights.


This is the sheer beauty and essence of the Yukon. There are very few places in the world like this, and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to experience it.


This week was one of the most memorable weeks of my life. We took 3 MONSTER bulls, and had so many great times sharing stories and making memories. If you want to go on truly a hunt of a lifetime you need to go to the Yukon and hunt with Ceaser Lake Outfitters!

Special Thanks to Joel and Courtney Wilkinson, our guides Josh Johnnson and Robert Stitt, and Terry and Ruth Wilkinson for a hunt of a lifetime!

Ceasar Lake Outfitters

Joel Wilkinson