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New Mexico Elk

This fall we had the opportunity to team up with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and head to legendary Montosa Ranch and hunt with Eric Kern of Eric Kern Outfitting. To start off, we had some great company in camp. We took baby Cash with, so it would be his first time in hunting camp with us…. out of Mom’s belly at least! Hopefully he would bring us some good luck! Also hunting in camp was good friend and President of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, David Allen. Guiding us was long time friend Floyd Sanders and his son Ryan. Pat and Floyd have known each other for a long time and hunted together way back in the day.

The first morning we climbed up on a spotting knob to glass for big bulls and see what the elk were doing below. As it cracked light, we could hear elk bugling everywhere below us. The sunset was one of the most beautiful that I had ever seen and the hair on my neck was standing straight up. This is the true beauty and essence of hunting.


pat and nicole glassing 1_1

After laying eyes on some good bulls, the hunt was on. We headed down the mountain in hopes of getting in tight to a big bull with his cows.  Just a couple hours into the hunt, we got to a point where we could hear a bull just over the hill from us and determined that he must be bedded. Nicole setup and one of our guides, Ryan, stayed back in hopes of calling the bull past us. Sure enough after a short calling sequence, a big tall bull came screaming through the brush. He was on a dead run when he came into an opening at 30 yards. Eric gave him a cow call and he stopped dead in his tracks. Nicole drilled him!

Nicole New Mexico Elk 2015 1_1

This was Nicole’s biggest elk to date with her Mathews!

We took the bull back to lodge so we could do a little celebrating with Cashton.

baby elk1_1

Looks like Cash is Driven’s new good luck charm!

David was also having a little luck of his own and took a great bull! Congrats David!


Cashden showing him some love and congratulating him on his bull.

It was a true honor to be able to hunt at the Montosa Ranch, and with David and the other guys in camp. Thanks to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for making this all possible!

Special thanks to Eric Kern, the Armstrong’s, Floyd, Ryan, and everybody at the Montosa Ranch, as well as David, Steve Decker, and everybody at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Eric Kern Outfitting

Eric Kern