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To kick off our whitetail season, we headed back down to Wicked Outfitters in Kansas. Carson had the Thompson Center .270 ready to rock and was looking to repeat on another early season Kansas giant. When we arrived Clint and Whitney had tons of pictures of big bucks on their Eyecon trail cameras. The deer were still holding on their summer feeding patterns, so the plan was to sneak into a Muddy blind set on an internal bean field, and catch these bucks coming out to feed in the beans in the evening.

Just before dark, a buck stepped out of the timber and into the field. Carson whispered, “Dad, that is the widest buck I’ve ever seen!” The buck walked out in front of the blind at 150 yards, and Carson put it on him!

Carson Kansas 2015_1

Carson does it again! Another velvet giant down in Kansas!

Carson and Cash 1

Team member Mike Jahnke was also in camp hunting with his two boys Luke and Trevor. Luke was able to get it done too, and shot his first deer ever!

Luke Jahnke 1st deer

Congratulations Luke!!

Just a couple short weeks later, the early Muzzleloader season opened up in Kansas. Team member Mike Jahnke was back at Wicked and looking to repeat. Last year he closed the book on a legend, a buck named Brutus, on opening day. Well it was the second day of the season this year, but Mike put the Thompson Center smackdown on another booner in Kansas!

Jahnke Kansas 2015 1_1

This Wicked giant scored 173 1/8!!

Wicked is a place that we never want to leave. Special thanks to Clint, Whitney, J.P. and everyone at Wicked Outfitters for yet another awesome hunt and great memories.

Wicked Outfitters

Clint Walker