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Canadian Shed Hunting with Cody Robbins

A trip to Canada shed hunting with Cody and Kelsy Robbins has become an annual tradition for us in the spring, but this year we were going to mix it up a bit. The last two years, we have gone when there is still snow on the ground, and shed hunted off of snowmobiles. This year, we waited for all of the snow to melt and headed out solely on foot in search of some big Canadian horns! Joining us was cameraman Bryan Lemke, and good friends Chad Schumacher, and Shane Indrebo.

When we got to Cody’s house, he was like a kid in a candy store. He couldn’t wait to get out there the next morning, but he thought we should make a little wager before the hunt started. We all pitched in and there would be a prize for the most sheds, the biggest shed, and the most unique shed over the 3 days.


ph_pat walking with sheds

pat shed


20150422_162506 copy


Shane most unique

bryan heavy fresh mule



Filling up the truck bed!

11008507_985587818126298_259690934141958739_n copy

Chad’s monster 86″ mule shed! This is a buck that Cody calls “Fishtails” and is very familiar with. What a giant! Congrats Chad.

11149431_985587834792963_9127898205962868810_n copy  ph_pat walking with sheds 2 copy

ph_sunset shed pile

ph_Talking at Bentleys house

We got to visit with the world famous shed hunter Bentley Coben at his house. What a collection of antlers. He is a true legend.

ph_Pat Cody and Bentley with Milo Hansen shed

Pat, Cody, and Bentley with the shed of the world record typical Milo Hanson buck.

2015-04-23 Shed Hunting Success Cody and Kelseys watermarked

We picked up 61 sheds total over the 3 days! 3 sheds over 80″, 3 moose sheds, and 1 elk shed.

Cody found won the prize of most sheds with 15. Chad found the biggest shed 86″!! Shane won most unique.

ph_Shed hunting group with final sheds in living room copy

All in all, we had an awesome week. We found a pile of sheds, but more importantly got to spend some time and cut it up with great friends!

Special thanks to Cody and Kelsy for the hospitality and for one heck of a shed hunting trip!