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Illinois 2015

If you ask Pat and Nicole what their favorite state in the U.S. to hunt in is, it would be Illinois. Nicole was born and raised in Southern Illinois, and the two of them have had great success in Illinois over the past several years. Team members, Darren and Sherri Martin own and manage a farm in Schuyler County, that has produced lots of giant bucks over the years. They have put so much time and effort into planning, managing, and … [Read more]

Alberta Mules

Our true passion is chasing whitetails, however, there is nothing like chasing big mule bucks. The last few years we have had great luck with Glenn and Donna Brown at Blue Bronna Outfitters in Alberta, and this year we were hoping to have some of the same!   This year was a little different than the previous two years that we have hunted here. We had warmer temperatures, and there was no snow. The lack of snow made it harder to … [Read more]

Driven Headquarters, Minnesota

Every year we are fortunate enough to travel and hunt all over the world, but the truth is that the hunts we look forward to the most are the ones at home in our home state of Minnesota. There is nothing better than being home, and hunting as family and being able to share experiences in the woods all together. We have a piece of property of our own that we have worked very hard on over the last several years to get set up and manage. Having … [Read more]

Buck Country Outfitters, Saskatchewan 2015

Saskatchewan has been absolutely incredible to us over the last 8 years, and this one was no different. Every year the Driven team gets together and all head up to Saskatchewan to do a little hunting in God's whitetail country. Brandon Schreiber and Dean Kuypers of Buck Country Outfitters have become like family to us over the years and have been working non-stop on their brand new lodge. They still had a few finishing touches to put on it, but … [Read more]

New Mexico Elk

This fall we had the opportunity to team up with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and head to legendary Montosa Ranch and hunt with Eric Kern of Eric Kern Outfitting. To start off, we had some great company in camp. We took baby Cash with, so it would be his first time in hunting camp with us.... out of Mom's belly at least! Hopefully he would bring us some good luck! Also hunting in camp was good friend and President of the Rocky Mountain Elk … [Read more]

Yukon Moose

Two years ago, Nicole was able to harvest a huge Alaskan bull moose in the Yukon with Ceaser Lake Outfitters, but this year it was Pat's turn, and he was determined to do it with his Mathews. As the leaves started to change, we headed up to catch the peak of the rut. Also along on the trip was long-time friend Brooks Rollings, on his first moose hunt. When we landed on the remote strip out in the middle of nowhere, I immediately realized … [Read more]


To kick off our whitetail season, we headed back down to Wicked Outfitters in Kansas. Carson had the Thompson Center .270 ready to rock and was looking to repeat on another early season Kansas giant. When we arrived Clint and Whitney had tons of pictures of big bucks on their Eyecon trail cameras. The deer were still holding on their summer feeding patterns, so the plan was to sneak into a Muddy blind set on an internal bean field, and catch … [Read more]

Canadian Shed Hunting with Cody Robbins

A trip to Canada shed hunting with Cody and Kelsy Robbins has become an annual tradition for us in the spring, but this year we were going to mix it up a bit. The last two years, we have gone when there is still snow on the ground, and shed hunted off of snowmobiles. This year, we waited for all of the snow to melt and headed out solely on foot in search of some big Canadian horns! Joining us was cameraman Bryan Lemke, and good friends Chad … [Read more]

World Turkey Hunting Championship 2015

With Spring finally here, we loaded up and headed to Wicked Outfitters in Kansas for the annual World Turkey Hunting Championship. The event consists of two man teams all competing to be named the World Turkey Hunting Champion. The competition is just one small aspect of whole deal. It also benefits an organization called "Hunting for Heroes" or "H4H." H4H provides recreational therapy and counseling for law enforcement officers severly injured … [Read more]