Being Driven to Succeed…Driven to Persevere… and Driven to Never Give Up has been the motto and key to success for Pat and Nicole Reeve.

Both Pat and Nicole got their start in hunting at a very early age and were taught how to hunt from whom they looked up to the most, their fathers.
Nicole shot her first deer at the age of six and since then has put many record book animals on the ground and all of them being on film. Her personal best is 195” whitetail from her home state of Illinois and her highlight to her career came when she spot n stalked a Male Lion in Africa with her bow at 25 yards.
Pat has been hunting for more than thirty-seven years and has an unmatched track record of taking some of the largest whitetails in the world. Pat has anchored over seventy-five record book bucks all on camera and currently holds the record for harvesting the largest typical ever on video. The massive 5×5 scores an unbelievable 200” gross and net scored 192 3/8 and was taking on November 14, 2005 in Illinois.

Pat and Nicole’s success didn’t come easy; Pat started working in the outdoor field just out of college trapping and transplanting turkeys for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. After working several years for the DNR, Pat moved on to follow his passion for the outdoors and work as a whitetail guide in Buffalo County Wisconsin for Tom Indrebo at Bluff Country Outfitters. When working there back in the mid 1990’s Pat met several people in the hunting and television industry. They urged Pat to take his passion for photography and video to a more “professional level” he followed their advise and started freelancing as a videographer for Tom Miranda and Hunter’s Specialties. Pat’s work behind the camera stood out, he saw things differently through the lens that most other cameramen. Eventually Pat got a chance to step in front of the camera and be a part of the legendary and very popular “Primetime Bucks” video series. With an ever-growing passion for whitetails Pat moved on in 2003 from Hunters Specialties and started a new television show called North American Whitetail Television. NAWT within three years was an award winning series that was at the top of the charts.

In 2005 Pat decided to make the big step and start his own television show. He wanted a title for the show that best described himself and was understood by every diehard hunter.

During that same period Nicole was following her own life passion and was starting her elementary teaching career. Nicole graduated from Southern Illinois University and was in her first year of teaching when Pat and Nicole paths crossed and joined together to make up one of the strongest dynamic teams in the hunting industry.

“Those first couple years were not exactly easy, making ends meet financially was tough. They’re were days that we questioned ourselves and we ate lots of Mac and Cheese meals, but God pulled us through it!”

Pat and Nicole’s Drive has never waivered since the beginning and has lead them to the top of the ratings chart on the Outdoor Channel and has impressively honored them with twenty-one Golden Moose Award nominations and five wins thus far in the past four years.

Nobody knows where the roadmap to life will take Pat & Nicole, but they admit, “When your facing the right direction, even the roughest path can lead to the top”.

It’s those moments of success that keeps them going…. that keeps them Driven!