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Alberta Mules

Our true passion is chasing whitetails, however, there is nothing like chasing big mule bucks. The last few years we have had great luck with Glenn and Donna Brown at Blue Bronna Outfitters in Alberta, and this year we were hoping to have some of the same!



This year was a little different than the previous two years that we have hunted here. We had warmer temperatures, and there was no snow. The lack of snow made it harder to spot the deer, so we had to spend more time glassing and really depend on our Nikons to find these deer.

Our guide, Josh had spotted a big buck in the area a few days before the season, so we had high hopes of finding that deer. On the second morning, we were lucky enough to spot him and the stalk was on. We crested a small hump in the field and there the buck was! He standing there 200 yards away and had us pegged. I got the camera rolling and Nicole settled her crosshairs and drilled him. She had just smoked a giant!

When we walked up on the deer, we were all in awe. This thing was a freak. He had massive chocolate antlers and trash and extras everywhere. Nicole could not even get her hands around the horns.

Nicole Alberta Mule 2015 1_1

The buck scored 207″!!

After an insane start to the trip, Pat was up to bat.


The next few days, we hunted hard, put on some miles, and looked at a lot of bucks, but just not one that we wanted to go after. With only a few days left in the hunt, we spotted a big buck bedded way across this giant valley from us, and we knew he was one that we wanted to go after. We had to hurry, because daylight was fading fast and we had a HIKE to get to him. We scaled down the cliff we were on, across the bottom and way up the other side to get above the buck.


Just as we got there, the buck got up with 2 does and came out onto the ridge across from us. Pat was patient and waited for the right shot opportunity and drilled him. Another monster mule on the ground!

Pat Alberta Mule deer 2015 1_1

Pat’s buck scored 185″ and is the third giant that he has taken at Blue Bronna in the last 3 years that he has hunted there!


Special thanks to Glenn and Donna Brown, and our guide Josh Johnson. This place is not only one of our favorite places to hunt but also is becoming like a second home to us because you guys are like family. A hunting camp is not defined by just the hunt, but more-so the memories that are made and the people that you are fortunate enough to share them with.

Blue Bronna Outfitters

Glenn and Donna Brown